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About us

“A Greener Tomorrow”

That vision that brought us - the Directors, together.

The spirit that fires up our day-to-day operation.


“A Greener Tomorrow”

Our guide to choose only eco-friendly products for the Filipinos.

Shall be our guide in every decision we make.


“A Greener Tomorrow”

If you have this vision and desire, come and join us,

Be a Dealer, or build your own brand.


“A Greener Tomorrow”

That’s what we want our next generation to experience.

We believe God wants it to be.

Growing Tomato Plants


We aspire to provide a solution to environmental crisis and create a future where our children can live free from harmful chemicals

Image by Scott Graham


Eco Friendly Products

Pocket Friendly Price

Customer Friendly Service



God is our major shareholder. People and nature are our key partners towards a sustainable and valuable enterprise

Board of Directors

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